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Introducing a new generation in premium performance. The Turnigy Graphene Panther 75C is a powerful lipoly battery with an unbeatable cycle life and durability.The continuous 75C discharge offers lower internal resistance and minimal voltage sag.The low internal resistance remains consistent under d..
Rechargable Li-Po for Worker Hurricane Blaster
Out Of Stock
Rechargable Li-Po with XT-30 connector made to fit Worker Hurricane blaster.11.1v 500mAH..
CooLook LifePo4 Charger CooLook LifePo4 Charger
Out Of Stock
Charger for your LifePo4 6.4v upgrade battery...
CooLook C Battery Converter CooLook C Battery Converter
Out Of Stock
Convert Nerf blasters that use C batteries to accept upgrade AA batteries using this converter. Recommended to be used in conjunction with the LifePo4 batteries sold separately in this site. DO NOT CHARGE THESE BATTERIES!..
Dummy battery that can be used in conjunction with aftermarket batteries such as LifePo4, ultrafires and trustfire batteries to fill up the excess battery slots in the battery compartment.DO NOT CHARGE THESE BATTERIES!..
Upgrade battery for those of you who would like to increase the performance of your flywheel blaster without switching to lipo batteries. Comes with 2 dummy batteriesDO NOT CHARGE THE DUMMY BATTERIES!..
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