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Nerf Longshot

The Longshot CS-6 is a clip system Nerf blaster that was released in 2006 under the N-Strike series.

The Longshot CS-6 features a bolt-action priming system. There is a collapsible, integrated stock that can store an extra clip and an integrated folding bi-pod located in front of the main blaster. There is a tactical rail on top of the blaster located on the carrying handle, though it can be uncomfortable for those users with bigger hands. The jam door is located under the tactical rail and slides back when the bolt is open. This may or may not be inconvenient for removing jams, depending on the user's hand size, since there is a lack of space between the carrying handle and the jam door.


Brand: Worker
The latest from Worker stefan kit for Longshot. This kit is designed to use 28n long spring instead of the standard longshot spring. By using 28n long spring, you get softer priming yet retaining the power you get from using a high load standard longshot spring. Less strength required to prime means..
Brand: Worker
Preinstalled rubber paddingAvailable in :- Red- Silver- Rose Gold..
Brand: Worker
22KG drop in spring replacement for Nerf Longshot..
Brand: Worker
Plastic adapter to be used with Worker Longshot Stefan Kit and Longshot Stefan Kit with Scar Barrel.Works with both Blue(normal) and Orange(power) kits...
Brand: Monkee Mods
Looking for a cheap and yet strong boltsled for your fleet of Longshots/xZeus? We got one for you!Made with cast aluminium, our aluminium boltsled is much stronger than typical CNC aluminium boltsled. This means it can withstand a much higher spring load without flexing or bending. The material used..
Brand: F10555
Extend and decorate your Longshot with F10555 Longshot Extended Barrel. It looks well especially when you slap on a silencer. Include:- F10555 Longshot Extended BarrelDoes not include:- Any muzzle- Any inner barrel..
Brand: Worker
Includes:- Worker Longshot Plunger Tube- Worker Longshot Plunger Rod- Plunger tube holder- Padding and screwsDoes not include:- Plunger Head- Bolt sled etc..
Brand: Worker
This version of longshot comes with a longer barrel with built in SCAR instead of the standard inner barrel.Comes with:- Worker Longshot Stefan pusher- Worker 27cm outer barrel- Worker Inner barrel with SCARChoice of front adapter(Sold separately)- Metal Worker Longshot Stefan Front Adapter- Plastic..
Brand: Worker
Comes with:- Worker Longshot Stefan Breech- Worker Longshot Inner barrel with sleevesChoice of front adapter(Sold separately)- Metal Worker Longshot Stefan Front Adapter- Plastic Worker Longshot Stefan Front AdapterNote***Please purchase the kit with a front adapter if you don't already own one..
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