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Colonel Wasp Firefly Blaster (Extended Tube Ver.)

Colonel Wasp Firefly Blaster (Extended Tube Ver.)

Kept you waiting, huh?

Introducing the super popular shell ejecting shotgun by Colonel Wasp. If you're a fan of pump action shotgun, this is a must for you. This is the extended tube variant meaning that the mag tubes and barrel is longer. Shell capacity went up from 5 to 6 shells in the mag tube now. So if you breech load one shell you will get a total of 7 shots before you need to reload the blaster.

The barrel and mag tube in the product you receive will be in metallic orange, not black as shown in the picture.

Blaster comes with 8 shells and 18KG Spring. Optional additional 8 shells for USD2 can be purchased separately together with the blaster.

Also, we recommend adding 2x Worker 10cm or 15cm picatinny rails onto the pump grip for added grip traction when operating the pump grip. The pump grip has ready drilled holes to accept the mentioned rails.
Worker 10cm Picatinny rail :

Worker 15cm Picatinny rail :

This blaster comes in parts. Assembly required to make the blaster work. We do not ship fully assembled blaster.

*Shells not sold separately as of now. Please purchase additional 8 shells add-on if you think you need more shells*
*Due to size limitation, the only shipping option available to this product is express shipping*

Installation video <<HERE>>

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  • Model: Colonel Wasp Firefly Blaster (Extended Tube Ver.)
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