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Brand: F10555
Add second stage flywheel cage setup for your stryfe.Comes with XT60 connector and wiring..
Brand: Worker
Adjustable cheek rest for Worker fixed PDW stock.Does not work with Worker retractable PDW stock...
OFP Aurora flywheel cage is one of the first injection molded aftermarket flywheel cage, designed for Stryfe and Rapidstrike.Sporting a 42.5mm cage design, you can expect about 120-140FPS(depends on wheels used) performance from this flywheel cage. This cage have similar configuration as Serenity ca..
Brand: F10555
This is a 3D printed kit.This kit includes:ACR AK Short ver main assembly                 -      StryfeModualr front adaptor-       AK rear sight-       AK front sight- ..
Brand: Worker
This Quick-Access Screw allow you to open up your battery cover without a screwdriver! Convenient to swap batteries in the middle of game...
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