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F10555 is a sister company of Worker, a well known aftermarket parts manufacturer. F10555 focus on producing 3D printed parts and offers a huge variety of body kits, pump grip kit, muzzle, battery tray expander etc. Their products cover a huge range of Nerf blaster from discontinued legacy blaster like Longstrike, to the latest Rival series blaster. With their legion of printers in their warehouse, they are capable to produce custom parts in a very short amount of time. F10555 have one of the best print quality control within the market. Since they are a sister company of Worker, their products usually contains a mixture of injection and printed parts, allowing them to create more complex products with higher durability.

Brand: F10555
Battery holder for Rival Perses with XT60 connector..
Brand: F10555
Add second stage flywheel cage setup for your stryfe.Comes with XT60 connector and wiring..
Brand: F10555
Add a sci-fi looking handguard to your vanilla Hammershot...
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