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Flywheel is one of the most popular 'system' in our favorite foam flinging hobby. The concept of crushing dart to 'fling' out dart using 2 motors and wheel mounted on them is generally how a flywheel system work. Due to the use of motor, flywheel blaster also requires a battery source. A standard flywheel blaster usually uses common battery cells such as AA, C or D size battery. The modding community prefer to use Lipo RC battery pack instead due to it's higher capacity and discharge rate. That in return allows them to swap to a more powerful set of motors, a different flywheel cage to generate more crush and a more well aligned wheel.

What's great about a flywheel blaster is that they can offer a higher rate of fire, making it perfect for game mode such as HvZ(Human vs Zombie). The high rate of fire also make it perfect for close quarter combat or suppressing fire role within a Nerf war. With the current advancement of flywheel blaster, a well modded flywheel blaster can easily out range an average spring blaster and they came quite close with high power spring blaster.

Brand: F10555
Add second stage flywheel cage setup for your stryfe.Comes with XT60 connector and wiring..
Worker ABS 42.5 Flywheel(Smooth Surface)
Out Of Stock
Medium crush(42.5) flywheels with smooth surface.Comes in a pair...
Brand: Worker
Slanted flywheel upgrade for Worker Hurricane Blaster...
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