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MonkeeMods Rifling Muzzle (0.5R)

MonkeeMods Rifling Muzzle (0.5R)

Replacing our 3D printed SCAR muzzle will be our all new rifling muzzle, designed by Blasterforge. Instead of using string, the rifling muzzle uses 3 lines of rifling twist to guide the dart into a spin. This design allow us to produce more consistent product that doesn't subject to human error, reducing manufacturing defects as well. 

This design will induce a 0.5 rotation spin( which means the dart will spin half a turn or 180 degree) from enter till it exit the muzzle. The friction within the muzzle will cause a drop of fps and also adding spin to a dart will result a reduction of blaster range, but in exchange of accuracy. This muzzle is designed for stefan and on blaster which have more than 120FPS or more. Also, the dimension have been tuned to fit nicely into worker/artifact muzzle or within standard retaliator barrel, making it perfect for a sleeper build.

Using our rifling muzzle, you can greater increase your accuracy especially on high powered blaster. This allows you to hip fire more accurately or even fit on a proper  scope/sights and use your blaster as a 'sniper'. You will be pleased with what this thing can do.

Dart recommended:

ACC Gen2 / ACC Gen3 darts

Printing method:




Estimated FPS drop:

10% / 10-15FPS (varies from blasters & air seal)

Thickest part:


Inner Barrel compatibility :

16mm and below (Artifact/Alpha Kit/ Brass)

Note: Material have a low tolerance to heat so please refrain exposing it to sunlight from a period of time.

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