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Angled Fore Grip (AFG2)
Out Of Stock
Slight longer than AFG1. Available only in black..
Tired of blasting your enemy with darts?. Frustrated of campers?. Wanna flush someone out of hiding?.We have just the thing for you. Introducing MK-3 Frags. Fits 6 Rival Balls into each frag.Each MK-3 Frag comes with 10 Rival Balls...
Brand: Monkee Mods
You are purchasing parts as a complete blaster package to build the entire blaster. We WILL NOT build this blaster for you. Please take ntoe that you will need to drill or apply double sided tape to install the top rail(drill is recommended). We will not drill the screw port for the top rail for you..
Brand: F10555
3D Printed Stefan Cutting Jig. Place foam rod in and use provided blade to cut to stefan length...
Brand: Worker
This is a 36mm stefan magazine. Not for FULL LENGTH..
Brand: Worker
The Stefan version of Worker's trusty 14 round PMAG. This is the latest product from Worker, this PMAG is a more updated version of the F10555 PMAG, this has better material and build quality, slimmer and also look a lot more better due to it's size. Maximum darts capacity is 15, but recommended dar..
Brand: F10555
This buttstock is 3d printed. The connector/adapter is injection molded...
This is meant to be used with Worker Stefan Breech (Power Kit)..
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