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Colonel Wasp Firefly Shells
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Brand: Colonel Wasp
You need extra shells?. We've got you covered.Sold as individual units.Shells are designed to fit half length nerf darts. They are not real firearm shotshells...
Worker QDC and Hell's Angels Metal Muzzle Silencer
Out Of Stock
Brand: Worker
Worker Hell's Angel metal muzzle + quick detachable silencer.The shroud on the silencer are changeable...
Brand: Worker
The long awaited Worker Terminator is here!This package includes the Worker Terminator shell with full internals package that gives you a fully functional blaster that does around 230FPS using the 40cm Monkee Mods inner barrel.What you're getting :- Terminator Shell(Transparent)- Worker Longshot Met..
Brand: Worker
Extra shells for Worker F10555 Wasteland Ranger Blaster. Powered by elastic band...
Brand: Worker
Worker second flywheel blaster shell, Dominator, is a multi-stage flywheel blaster, allowing up to a 3 flywheel cage configuration. Stryfe flywheel cage is supported but Worker highly recommend their gen 3 cage which will be release together with the blaster where it have a wider hole to preven..
Brand: Worker
This is shell similar to Nerf Stryfe hence it's a flywheel blaster shell. Some aftermarket parts might not work due to interior of this shell so please make sure you check on the Internet before you make your purchase.Our review:If I were to compare it with Prophecy-R, this is just fat/bulky and not..
Brand: Worker
Purchase the new Worker Retaliator shell with our package and enjoy more discount!Demo VideoPackage A: Worker Normal Full Length RetaliatorFull length / Streamline games only but don't want to miss out the custom shell craze? It will cost you about the same upgrading a stock retaliator so why not a ..
Brand: Worker
One of the first aftermarket Retaliator shell is now here and it's better than Retaliator in every way.To start off, this shell is 3mm thick (Retaliator is only 2mm thick) which make this shell much stronger than Retaliator. It's also being designed to use expanded plunger tube but also accept norma..
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