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XSW Stryfe XMD-1 Bullpup Kit XSW Stryfe XMD-1 Bullpup Kit
Top Brand Out Of Stock
Brand: XSW
Convert your Stryfe into a bullpup with this XSW XMD-1 Bullpup kit. Comes with wiring and auto kit so you can wire your new bullpup Stryfe to rain darts on your target! Include: - XSW XMD-1 Body Kit and buttstock- XSW XMD-1 Full Auto KitDoes not include:- Any Muzzle- Any blaster- Wirings e..
Brand: Worker
This is for Stryfe only. If you want Swordfish version, please purchase that instead...
Brand: F10555
Comes with:- F10555 Stryfe Lighting Kit assembly with Top handle- Side patch and 2x 5cm railDoes NOT include:- Any muzzle- Blaster- Any buttstock..
F10555 Helios Pump Kit F10555 Helios Pump Kit
Out Of Stock
Brand: F10555
Note: You might have to do some shell mod to make it fit nicely..
Brand: Worker
This is an injection molded kit.Includes:- Honeybadger barrel- 22cm Top RailDoes not include:- Any muzzle- Extra inner barrel (only the short ones you seen in the picture will be provided)- Blaster- Buttstock (Optional)- Side rail for the barrel (Optional)..
Brand: F10555
Includes:- F10555 Barett front assembly    - Barrel    - Handguard with rails- Retaliator Top 22CM Rail- ButtstockDoes Not Include:- Scope/Sight- Blaster- Bipod..
Brand: F10555
Includes:- F10555 TS main assembly              -       Modular front adapter-       Top cover with iron sight-       Side cover with 5cm side ra..
Brand: F10555
This kit contains:- Submarine Kit Main assembly Stryfe Modular front adaptorTop rail- Side patch cover for Stryfe with 2x 5cm rail- Submarine kit Buttstock - Stryfe top rail 279mm - Inner Barrel This kit doesn't contains:- Muzzle- Scope/Sights- Blaster..
Brand: Worker
Higher spring load, longer barrel, designed for expanded plunger tube. FPS should be around 180FPS range.Parts included:- Metal Breech- Metal Barrel- Spring (25n long spring)- Breech Oring- Full Length Breech (FREE)Choice of front adapter(Sold Separately)- Metal Stefan Kit Front Muzzle Adapter- Plas..
Brand: F10555
Barrel length: 10cmPackage includes:- XCR-L Micro Front Barrel- Stryfe front adapter- 4x 10cm rail- 279mm top rail- Inner barrel- Stryfe Side patch and 2x 5cm railPackage DOES NOT comes with:- Blaster- Muzzle- Buttstock- Top/Back sight*New white color kit now available..
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