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High quality CNC metal muzzleDoes not have threads for silencer attachments..
Brand: Worker
Adjustable scar muzzle that goes on to worker inner barrel.Uses fishing line as rifling..
Worker QDC and Hell's Angels Metal Muzzle Silencer
Out Of Stock
Brand: Worker
Worker Hell's Angel metal muzzle + quick detachable silencer.The shroud on the silencer are changeable...
Brand: Worker
3D printed replica of the infamous Osprey silencer that is made to fit 19mm outer barrels. 16cm version...
Brand: Worker
3D printed replica of the infamous osprey suppressor that fit on 19mm outer barrels. 22cm version...
MonkeeMods Rifling Muzzle (0.5R) MonkeeMods Rifling Muzzle (0.5R)
Out Of Stock
Brand: Monkee Mods
Replacing our 3D printed SCAR muzzle will be our all new rifling muzzle, designed by Blasterforge. Instead of using string, the rifling muzzle uses 3 lines of rifling twist to guide the dart into a spin. This design allow us to produce more consistent product that doesn't subject to human error, red..
Brand: Worker
Now comes in 6 colors!- Metallic Red- Metallic Orange- Metallic Blue- Metallic Green- Metallic Purple- Matte Black..
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