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Brand: Worker
Worker Longstrike Plunger Rod with Metal Head.Can be also used with the Worker Retaliator Metal Plunger Tube for the Retaliator...
Brand: Worker
Includes:- Worker Longshot Plunger Tube- Worker Longshot Plunger Rod- Plunger tube holder- Padding and screwsDoes not include:- Plunger Head- Bolt sled etc..
Brand: Worker
If you decide to run full length dart or pairing with the blue stefan kit for lower FPS. Or even replace your broken stock plunger tube or rod. WTF, it's so bloody cheap.Parts included:- Plunger Tube- Plunger Rod- Oring..
Brand: Worker
Parts included:- Expanded Tube- Plunger Rod- Oring- ThumbscrewTo fit this expanded tube kit in Worker shell, you will need to trim the plunger tube support as shown in the picture. This will allow you to fit the expanded tube in but to utilise the longer spring that is recommended for the expanded p..
Brand: Worker
POM Plunger Rod and Bolt Sled kit for retaliator from Worker ensures your Retaliator to be reliable in the field, solving a core problem that exist in stock retaliator...
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