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Worker Dominator Shell

Worker Dominator Shell

Worker second flywheel blaster shell, Dominator, is a multi-stage flywheel blaster, allowing up to a 3 flywheel cage configuration. Stryfe flywheel cage is supported but Worker highly recommend their gen 3 cage which will be release together with the blaster where it have a wider hole to prevent jam when running full auto with a stacked mag. Dominator also comes with a universal mag adapter which allow you to use normal mag instead of stacked mag.

Similar to Swordfish, you can run full auto and semi auto. The full auto kit comes with 2 rheostats which allow you to control both your flywheel speed and also your pusher speed.

Comes with:

- Worker Dominator Main Shell, inclusive of trigger, pusher, rev trigger, 15A microswitch
- Adapter plate for normal mag(single stack)
- Short alu barrel 10cm
- Worker orange spiral outer barrel 10cm

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  • Model: Worker Dominator Shell
  • Weight: 1.50kg

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