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Worker PROPHECY-R Blaster Package (High Power MCX)

Worker PROPHECY-R Blaster Package (High Power MCX)

You are purchasing parts as a complete blaster package to build the entire blaster. We WILL NOT build this blaster for you. 

With shell trimmed to fit the expanded plunger tube and the longer spring, it's performing like a 12-14KG longshot in terms of raw performance. Also 2 extra screw are added on the buttstock area to further reinforce the buttstock.

Darts: Stefan only

FPS Range: 200-210 FPS

Parts in package:

- Worker Prophecy-R Shell (Ribs removed, Spring hole enlarged, buttstock support screw port drilled)

- Worker Orange Metal Stefan Kit + Adapter (Power Kit) V2

- Worker Retaliator Bolt Sled Expanded Tube Edition

- Worker Expanded Plunger Tube with Rod

- Worker MCX Body Kit

- Worker Slanted Foregrip 

- Worker PDW Buttstock

- Worker Hexmag 15 darts

- Worker Stefan dart x 100

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  • Model: Worker PROPHECY-R Blaster Package (High Power MCX)
  • Weight: 3.00kg

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