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Worker PROPHECY-R Retaliator Shell

Worker PROPHECY-R Retaliator Shell

One of the first aftermarket Retaliator shell is now here and it's better than Retaliator in every way.

To start off, this shell is 3mm thick (Retaliator is only 2mm thick) which make this shell much stronger than Retaliator. It's also being designed to use expanded plunger tube but also accept normal Retaliator size plunger tube, allow modders to customise their retaliator further. Looking to fit a normal plunger tube and fire just streamline dart? Go ahead. Looking to use expanded plunger tube with stefan kit and summon Longshot-like performance? Go ahead. It's a shell designed for all kind of use case.

Expanded plunger tube DIY mods have known to be inconsistent and hard as it requires trimming the retaliator shell. The plunger head are 2 piece and usually air leak happen in these area hence it's hard to get the perfect expanded plunger tube. Now, it's just a cheap drop in kit which you just install and you will achieve that perfect seal.

This shell comes in 3 different colours: Black Transparent, Blue Transparent(Sonic Ice), Transparent. 

Parts included:
- Shell
- Front muzzle with dart gate
- Release trigger and catch
- Trigger
- Plastic Catch Plate
- Buttstock Cap/Adapter

Fits stock retaliator parts such as stock retaliator plunger tube, breech and bolt sled.Requires a breech, bolt sled, plunger tube and spring to function. Use with a side prime grip or front barrel with pump grip.

Purchase Prophecy Shell Mod to get shell that have it's plunger tube support ribs removed, spring rest hole enlarged and 2 screw holes drilled. This is for those using expanded plunger tube and 25N long spring only. DO NOT order this if you plan to use normal spring with expanded tube or normal spring with stock plunger tube.

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